Dave Grohl

This post went through different musicians. It began with a video my friend shared on Facebook showing Joan Jett singing with Nirvana. I was going to show that, but the quality was far too poor. Then I decided to concentrate on Nirvana. I listened to their top tracks on Youtube trying to choose which one to feature here, but before I could choose one, I was reading about Cobain’s suicide.  Then the various people surrounding him, like Grohl the drummer. I read about how Grohl formed the Foo Fighters. I never knew that Nirvana and Foo Fighters had any connection, so that the drummer became a singer and lead guitarist astonished me. It became my new subject for this post. But I couldn’t choose a Foo Fighters song.

In the end I decided to write just on Dave Grohl. That is until I heard a podcast on The Nerdist interviewing him. It had everything I wanted for this post. A background into his life, a spotlight into his music and his thoughts on music. So now I present the podcast for your enjoyment:

Nerdist Podcast: Dave Grohl

NOTE: This podcast is to promote a movie he directed called Sound City.


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